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Pennsylvania driver sentenced after Alford plea for fatal crash

Criminal defendants are sometimes punished for crimes without having to state they committed them. The evidence of wrongdoing may be clear, but the accused is not forced to say "I admit my guilt." Pennsylvania courts accept these pleas provided sentences are fulfilled.

Lacrosse team bus crash on Pennsylvania Turnpike kills 2

A single-vehicle crash along the Pennsylvania Turnpike earlier this month caused several injuries and two deaths. Nearly two dozen people were aboard a bus carrying the Seton Hill University lacrosse team at the time of the commercial vehicle collision. Investigators remain unsure of the cause.

Pennsylvania college driver thinks she hit purse, not pedestrian

A Pennsylvania woman said she never realized the Volkswagen Passat she was driving struck a person. Instead, the 18-year-old driver believed the vehicle's side mirror hit a purse a woman was carrying through a college campus crosswalk.

Three named in wrongful death claim for fatal Pennsylvania accident

A Philadelphia man is among the defendants in a Pennsylvania lawsuit that also holds an out-of-state tow truck driver and his employer responsible for the death of a passenger. The wrongful death claim stated the victim suffered and died after the vehicle in which he traveled hit a tow truck performing an illegal road maneuver.

Detective: Pennsylvania driver lied to avoid homicide charges

A driver testified that a truck followed her vehicle too closely through the small Pennsylvania community of Lower Pottsgrove. The witness to a fatal car accident in November said she tapped the brakes to warn the tailgating driver of an upcoming turn.

Doctor's affair with patient ruled medical malpractice

A married woman in a state adjacent to Pennsylvania had an affair with a doctor who was treating her for mental health and related sexual problems. The extramarital relationship ended but so did the woman's marriage because of the affair. The patient's mental distress was behind the filing of a medical malpractice complaint against the physician.

Man charged with homicide for second fatal pedestrian crash

A Pottsgrove High School student was recently struck and killed while crossing the street. Police in Montgomery County learned that a Collegeville, Pennsylvania, man was behind the wheel of a vehicle that hit the 16-year-old boy, despite what Pennsylvania investigators were initially told about the car accident.

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