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If an infant dies, can PA parents bring a wrongful death suit?

The loss of a Pennsylvania loved one is always traumatic, but the sudden and unexpected death of a young person can be particularly shocking. Losing a baby may prove especially devastating since the precious time spent with the child was cut tragically short. In cases where an

Massive car accident on I-90 in Erie County

This time of year, drivers in Erie County are all too aware of nature's fury. Even one's daily commute can prove life-threatening if bad weather or distracted drivers are a presence on the roads. In some cases, particularly on highways and interstates, a pileup may occur when enough cars run into each other. This happened recently on I-90, when snow and an icy slickness covered the roadway.

Wrongful death litigation after a Pennsylvania workplace accident

Despite a history well-known for manufacturing, Erie today is home to an economically diverse workforce. According to Erie Regional Chamber and Growth Partnership, the top employers in the area include General Electric, the state government, St. Vincent Health Center and Walmart. In any industry, a workplace accident has the potential to severely shake up the life of a local resident. In some tragic cases, a fatal workplace accident may sudden force a family to ponder a

Taking the pressure off handling insurance

Insurance companies are notoriously difficult to deal with, especially when someone is in the vulnerable position of recovering from a car accident. Even if an Erie accident victim has top-notch insurance, and the other driver has solid insurance coverage as well, the post-accident period can be highly confusing. The solid experience of a team like

Season change can be dangerous for Erie drivers, pedestrians

Autumn in northwestern Pennsylvania is many residents' favorite time of year. Still, as summer transitions into fall, drivers should be reminded that with the change of season come different hazards on the road.

Pa. wrongful death trial concerns woman's fatal hospital stay

One of the safest places to be in western Pennsylvania is usually within the walls of a hospital or other medical facility. Still, disaster can strike even in environments associated with healing and recovery. Earlier this month in Chambersburg, a wrongful death trial began that is likely to gain the attention of the local medical community.

Proving negligence key to successful car accident cases

Driving in one's car is an everyday activity for most residents of the Erie area, yet is also one of the most dangerous things people must do on a regular basis. Families affected by car accidents understand all too well the emotional and financial implications of a damaging crash, let alone those caused by a fatal collision. When it comes to the legal courses of action that are possible after an accident, demonstrating negligence is key to eventually obtaining the

Decorative fountain spurs Pennsylvania Legionnaire's outbreak

There are many types of incidents that can merit a wrongful death lawsuit in Pennsylvania: car accidents, fatal workplace accidents and incidents at medical facilities which stem from negligence, among others. Recently in South Whitehall, an outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease has prompted a

Teen dies on Pennsylvania railroad tracks, family files lawsuit

It is impossible to accurately describe the grief a parent can experience after the death of a child, and when the death was caused by a third party’s negligence, the emotional aftermath can become exceedingly complicated. One Pennsylvania family has opted to take legal action against various entities the family claims were responsible for their daughter's death at the Center Street railroad crossing in Milton, Pennsylvania.

Icy Pennsylvania Turnpike conditions cause numerous car accidents

The Pennsylvania Turnpike experienced lane closures after a massive number of icy weather car crashes on Valentine's Day. A total of 75 to 100 motor vehicles were reportedly involved in crashes that day, causing 30 people to be injured. The

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