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Swimming Pool Accidents

It’s easy to forget how dangerous a swimming pool can be, especially when children are playing in them without proper supervision or when a pool is improperly installed or maintained.

At Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler, our experience with the investigation and presentation of swimming pool accident claims can give you and your family an important advantage in recovering the full amount of your damages. We once recovered damages for a client who was seriously injured by diving from a board mounted at the shallow end of a pool.

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We Understand How These Complex Cases Work

Whether your case involves a theory of premises liability, negligent supervision or product liability, our attorneys will thoroughly investigate the facts indicating negligence on the part of a property owner, architect, contractor, manufacturer or licensing authority. We will also examine questions as to whether safe operation rules were posted or followed.

Once we’ve pieced together the evidence indicating the liability of one or more defendants for a swimming pool accident, we will concentrate on developing the damages side of your case. Drowning is the obvious worst-case outcome for the victim, but brain damage and compromised organ function are frequent consequences for accident survivors. Diving accidents can easily result in quadriplegia or partial paralysis.

Our experience with the proof and recovery of six- and seven-figure damages awards in catastrophic injury cases and wrongful death litigation can give you an advantage in a swimming pool accident lawsuit.

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