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Truck Accidents

At Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler in Erie, Pennsylvania, our personal injury lawyers focus on maximizing compensation for people who have suffered severe injuries in commercial truck accidents. To learn how our experience with the resolution of complex injury claims can help you pursue an outcome that meets your long-term needs, contact us for a free consultation.

Work With Attorneys Who Know How The Defense Works

One of our attorneys began his career as an insurance defense attorney who concentrated on commercial vehicle collision cases. This experience can be highly valuable to our clients through all phases of a personal injury case, especially when issues relating to damages and the settlement of claims come into play.

Insurance liability limits in truck accident cases typically start at $1 million. Unlike car accident cases, where it’s unlikely that there’s enough insurance to cover the losses suffered by the survivors of serious accidents, the defense in a truck accident case has the resources and the incentive to investigate and vigorously defend against your claim.

We will work closely with forensic experts from the beginning of your case to understand the essential facts relating to liability and damages. We will work toward a sound estimate of the value of your case. Then we will develop and execute a litigation strategy designed to help you achieve a fair settlement or a victory at trial.

This approach can protect the value of your claim and expand your options toward a favorable outcome in a variety of commercial vehicle accident situations:

  • Tractor-trailer wrecks involving 18-wheelers of all kinds
  • Construction vehicle accidents
  • Delivery vehicle accidents
  • Crashes involving buses or other commercial passenger vehicles
  • Accidents with light trucks operated by landscapers, maintenance workers or other contractors

Our litigation methods work especially well for people whose damages claims involve multiple or disabling injuries to the brain, spinal cord, back, neck or internal organs. We will make sure that your damages demand covers the full range of your losses and future treatment needs.

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For additional information about our approach to client service in truck accident litigation, contact a personal injury attorney at Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler in Erie.