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Victims Of Sexual Assault

If you are living with trauma from sexual abuse, it can be difficult to come forward. At Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler, our attorneys understand what you are going through and are here to help. We are experienced in representing victims of sexual assault or sexual abuse and recently obtained a verdict in excess of $2 million on behalf of a client who had been sexually assaulted.

Pursuing Damages In Addition To Criminal Charges

Sexual assault or abuse is not only a crime, but the abusers or anyone who allowed the abuse to happen can be held responsible for the emotional and physical injuries you have suffered. Civil claims may be filed and victims can be entitled to monetary damages. In addition to a claim for assault, a victim may file an action for related charges, including false imprisonment, intentional infliction of emotional distress, stalking and negligent transmission of a sexually transmitted disease. There does not have to be a criminal case to have a civil action filed.

It may be possible to keep your identity private by filing your case as John Doe or Mary Doe.

It is actually easier for the plaintiff to prevail in a civil case than in a criminal case. In a civil case, the plaintiff must persuade the judge or jury that the assault was “more likely than not” rather than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” That is why these cases frequently settle out of court, rather than risking a public trial.

Sexual Assault Cases Against Third Parties

In many cases, victims can file cases against a third party in addition to the perpetrator. One example would be the lawsuits filed against Penn State University and The Second Mile organization. In these cases, it is alleged that the abuse by Jerry Sandusky occurred on the Penn campus and that both the university and The Second Mile had knowledge of the assaults. Other examples would be cases against a church for the illegal acts of a priest or church leader, against the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts for abuse by a scout leader, or against hospitals or prisons where rape or sexual assault has occurred as the result of inadequate supervision.

These cases are based on negligence, and in some cases the third party’s insurance may cover the claim.

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