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Workers’ Compensation

An injury on the job has all kinds of implications. How much time will you spend out of work? Will you even be able to return to work? Workers’ compensation benefits provide financial peace of mind while you wait to answer these questions. Claiming them, however, is not always an easy process.

At Conner Riley Friedman & Weichler in Erie, Pennsylvania, our lawyers fight tirelessly on behalf of injured workers to help them secure the benefits they need. Experienced litigators, we will fight to make your employer and its insurance company live up to their obligations.

We Handle All Types Of Cases

As soon as you are hurt, you should contact an attorney. The sooner we can get to work investigating your accident, the better case we can build if it goes to the appeals process or if your employer attempts to terminate your benefits.

We welcome inquiries from workers in any sector, including:

  • Construction workers who fall from scaffolds and ladders or suffer injuries caused by power tools and other accidents
  • Industrial workers who suffer from burns, exposure to toxic chemicals and injuries caused by using complex machinery
  • Any worker who suffers from an injury or illness caused by doing his or her job

We have dealt with all types of injuries — amputations, broken bones, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries, repetitive motion injuries, loss of sight, etc. We will work with medical experts to gather the right evidence and put you in the best position for a successful outcome.

You Can See Your Own Doctor

Pennsylvania workers’ compensation law has what is known as a “captive period.” For the first 90 days after your injury, you must receive treatment from a doctor on your employer’s coverage. After 90 days, you can see your own doctor. Your employer’s insurance does not have to cover the treatment, though.

Many people don’t seek treatment because they worry that they cannot afford it. Our lawyers will help you explore all of your options for getting the treatment you need. It is important that you report your injury immediately so you can begin treatment.

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We recommend consulting with an experienced workers’ compensation attorney as soon as possible after your injury. We can protect your rights and guide you through the application process. We invite you to schedule a free consultation at our law firm in Erie by sending us an email or calling 814-240-3339.